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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Is an Airline Price War about to put Argentina on the Tourist Map

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     Argentina is often seen as a fascinating country but it's just too far away or too expensive to get to.
Even the locals  call it El Culo Del Mundo (The arse end of the World). Well it's not going to get any closer but it is about to become a dam sight cheaper to get too.
    Two  low cost carriers (LCC) have broken into the market and slashed the prices to the bone with a pay by service  system . They are and . You pay for your flight then add the extras i.e. Per suitcase or meals or to choose your seat. So depending on what kind of traveler you are real bargains are obtainable and the gauntlet has been thrown down to big international carriers. Expect all fares to come down shortly. Norwegian airlines will be operating from Buenos Aires to London Gatwick also to Miami and Flylevel from Buenos Aires to Barcelona.
    But the potential game changer to tourism in Argentina is that Norwegian air has applied to fly upto 80 different routes within Argentina and South America. Argentina has mainly been controlled by Aerolineas Argentina and Lan Chile now Latam. Both companys are very unionised and operate out of heavily unionised airports that will not take kindly to low cost airlines and the work ethic that comes with them.
    At present internal flights in Argentina cost about triple the European equivalent and double those in neighbouring Brasil. But trying to explain to the unions that a mass tourism will actually create many more jobs and create real long term security is not as easy as it should be. To most people it would be a no brainer but to the dinosaurs of the Peronist union movements they will fight it tooth and nail.
    Argentina's hotels are crying out for it. At the moment they are cutting each other's throats in a battle for the few tourists that make it this far. The plight of the hotels has not been helped by the number of people using Airbnb.
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