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Friday, July 6, 2012


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The key figures in Argentina’s military dictatorship of 1976 to 1983 were finally brought to justice in Buenos Aires..
  They received sentances ranging from 50 to 15 years for the reign of terror they inflicted on Argentina

 Their pretence that they had fought a noble war was stripped away from them as the eleven men were convicted of a systematic plan of baby theft and illegal adoptions.

The 11 included former Junta leader Jorge Videla, Reynaldo Bigone, and Jorge (the tiger) Acosta. All already serving life for countless other human rights abuses and murders.


     During the dictatorship 76 to 83 it is estimated that up to 30,000 Argentines were kidnapped off the streets and taken to illegal detention centres. Once there they were horribly tortured and many of the women raped by Argentina’s so called guardians.

    Of these 30,000 it is estimated that up to 500 were pregnant women. These women gave birth in captivity and were then killed. Usually by being hurled drugged and naked from military aircraft into the River Plate (Rio De La Plata) or some times dumped in pits or sometimes their bodies would simply be burned along with old tyres in order to conceal the smell.

     But justice has returned to Argentina and via a huge DNA testing programme the authorities have managed to find 105 of the stolen babies to reunite them with the surviving members of their extended families.

     And with each reclaimed life came more evidence against Argentina’s brutal dictatorship. Culminating in this trial where they were exposed to the country and the world for what they truly were/are.

JB Buenos Aires  

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Frinking a new word in the dictionary From Buenos Aires

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In 2010 a group of expats in Buenos Aires decided to start meeting up on Fridays after work for a few drinks. The group soon became known as the Frinkers (The Friday Night Drinkers) And the group has grown and grown sometimes attracting upto 70 people. They have now hit the magical number of One hundred Frinking nights.
And the group has now been rewarded by the urban dictionary adding the word frinking to their updated dictionary. See example Below
The act of heading out for a drink on a Friday night after work with friends. (FRIday driNKING). Frinks (the drinks) and Frinkers (those that head out Frinking) all stem from the root verb "To Frink". Originated amongst ex-pats in Buenos Aires in 2010 and has spread to other English language countries as travelers have passed on.
I'm heading out Frinking tonight.

Every week since 2010, Frinking has taken place in Buenos Aires on a Friday night, with a Facebook Events Group, and Meet Up Group to promote it.
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