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Friday, August 27, 2010

The cost of living in Argentina

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THE COST OF LIVING IN BUENOS AIRESWe have a lot of inflation in argentina so by the time you read this it will probably be out of date.1)i will try to help as best i can with the expat list.FOOD AND BERVERAGES Supermarkets are very cheap espcially for beers and wines. They also offer big discounts on certain days if you pay by credit card. 2)ACCOMMODATION. The cheapest way to stay in buenos aires is to rent an can rent a fully furnished apartment from about U$S700 to u$s4000 per month depending on your budget.All bills included. I would reccomend but there are many others.3) PUBLIC TRANSport is very cheap. The subway is 30cents u$s for a journey of any distance.Buses are equally as cheap but a little bit dificult if you don´t know the city too well.A return train ticket to tigre is less than u$s1 for a journey of more than 20miles each way.If staying in the city you really won´t need a car. The public transport is that good. Plus finding a place to park a car is a bloody nightmare and becomes expensive.4)UTILITYS BILLS if you rent a furnished apartment all the bills will be included. Sometimes the owner puts a limit on the bills just to remind the tenant to turn off the ac when they go out.But most bills are inexpensive in comparison to the US and Europe.5) INCOME TAX now thats a grey area. Argentina is the biggest black economy i have ever seen.So people are paid a certain amount in cash some in vouchers and some is taxed, it really is a different answer for every person.MEDICAL INSURANCE We are a family of four and pay u$s300 per month for very good quality medical insurance.SCHOOLS Public education is not great here so its best to pay and go private. Buenos aires is awash with bilingual fee paying schools and they are very cheap in comparison to europe or the states. Starting prices are from about u$s200 amonth but can go much higher.NURSERYS care is about u$s200 for 3 hrs per day per month.6) ENTERTAINMENT AND RESTAURANTS IN BUENOS AIRES are as good as any place you will ever visit.Very affordable with loads of choice.many tango shows theatres and operas and thousands of great restuarants.

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