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Friday, October 18, 2013

Buenos Aires Bird Poop Scam

4:32 PM Unknown

       I have heard of this happening 3 times recently. Once on Arenales street once in front of the Shereton Retiro and most recently beside the plaza de Mayo.
The scam begins with the victim being squirted with very smelly liquid which is squirted up in the air and comes down on them as though it were bird droppings.
     Immediately two well dressed men about 50 appear (sometimes they have a woman with them) They have tissues and a bottle of water and set about cleaning the poop off you. They are friendly and keep looking up and saying pajaros (birds) as though to explain the origin of the poop. But their main objective is your wallet or phone. With in seconds a taxi pulls up they get in and are gone. 
    They know that the penny will drop very quickly that something is not right and that you will realise you are being robbed that is why they have the taxi getaway as part of the scam.
    If this happens to you shout scream make as much noise as possible, they don't want to be violent they just want to robbed you and be gone. Get the number plate of that cab. And CALL THE POLICE.
The tourist police of Buenos Aires are located on Corrientes 436

Tel 43465748 or 08009995000

They have more than 30 officers that speak English French Italian and even Japanese.

Tourism has become a huge source of income for Argentina and these police officers are there to protect and look after the tourists.
The bottom line is if you don’t call them they can’t help you.

 Kind Regards
John Boyle
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