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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Travel To Buenos Aires by

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GETTING THERE: Numerous airlines fly from the D.C. area to Buenos Aires. Nonstop service is available from Dulles on United, but prices are high, starting at about $1,375 round trip. Connecting service is cheaper, with fares from about $960 on Continental from BWI. Delta, American and the Brazilian airline Varig also offer connecting service.
WHERE TO STAY: Short-term apartment rentals are available for as low as $150 a week for studios. Long-term sublets start at about $500 a month for one-bedrooms. My Space BA (011-54-11-4793-3496, ) lists long- and short-term apartment sublets. ByT Argentina (011-54-11-4821-6057, ), an Internet-based agency, offers apartments with pre-installed Internet phones that provide tenants with a U.S. phone number that rings in Argentina and free calls home: A large one-bedroom in trendy Palermo Viejo goes for $1,200 a month.
Buenos Aires has a wide range of hostels and B&Bs. A fun, inexpensive place to stay near the Recoleta Cemetery is Milonga Hostel (011-5411-4815-1827, ). Dorm beds are $7 and include breakfast and free Internet. In Palermo Soho, 1555 Malabia House (011-5411-4833-2410, ) is a chic and airy B&B with rooms from $105 to $140.
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· Two companies offering information for expats on buying property in Buenos Aires are Escape to Argentina (215-825-5352, ) and Argentina Homes (011-54-11-4801-9291, ).
· For information on obtaining a work visa, contact the Argentine Consulate in Washington, 202-238-6400, or consult the New York consulate's Web site, .
· The Young Expatriates' Society of Buenos Aires (011-54-11- 5353-6414, ) has monthly gatherings and a newsletter listing apartment vacancies, jobs, sports clubs and Spanish tutors.
· To learn about the parts of Buenos Aires that few visitors see, consider joining one of the charity programs organized by Insight Argentina (866-491-5639, ).
· The Buenos Aires Herald ( ), an excellent English-language newspaper, is a good source for expat activities and resources.
· For broader expat information, American Citizens Abroad (1051 N. George Mason Dr., Arlington, ) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association for U.S. citizens living worldwide. The Association of Americans Resident Overseas in Paris (011-33-1-47-20-24-15, ) represents more than 4.1 million Americans living and working abroad.
TANGO: Many foreign women arrive in B.A. wanting to tango but worry about language and social barriers that might prevent them from finding dance partners. A small industry has developed in which dashing young male dancers rent themselves out -- chastely -- as dance partners. Laura Chummers of Tanguera Tours can help make arrangements: 011-54-11-4953-2775, .
INFO: City of Buenos Aires Tourism , . Argentina Tourism Office , 212-603-0443, .
-- Allen Salkin

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bilingual Airport Transfers Buenos Aires

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My name is John Boyle and I moved to Buenos Aires from Ireland in 2003. I first came to Buenos Aires in Feb 2002 and even though Argentina was in a deep economic crises i fell in love immediately with this vibrant city. My hobbies are running and Tennis and watching footbal. I also love the Argentine barbques as the beef is clearly the worlds best, and Argentine wines are to die for.English is my first language but I am finally fluent in Spanish as well. I am married to an argentine Clara and we have twin daughters Sofia and Paula.I offer a private driver service taking people to and from Buenos Aires international airport. We also arrange city tours.I started this business so as to offer newcomers to Buenos Aires the chance to choose an English speaking private driver to take them to their Hotel or Apartment.
All our drivers are Bilingual so even the journey in from the airport will be an education in the wonderful city of Buenos Aires.
So if you choose to book with us send us your complete flight details and we will track your flight by internet and be waiting for you as you clear customs holding a board with your name.
Myself or one of my colleagues will then take you direct to your Apartment or Hotel or Hostel. We can also assist you in looking for Furnished Apartments or a Hotel.Please fill in the booking form stating your needs and we will get right back to you.


Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers

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Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers

An excellent way to make friends and meet with the ex pat community in Buenos Aires is to join The Buenos Aires Hash House Harriers which is a drinking club with a running problem, they meet every second Sunday always in different parts of city.There are always 2 trails marked in flour one for machos is about 10km and the other is for wimps and walkers usually about 6km, refreshments (beer) are served on the run and afterwards there is more beer and food all for only 15 pesos $4us, £3 or 3 euros, there are many other social events connected with the Hash.For details of the next Hash ask John or Clara, and we can forward you the email complete with directions and contact numbers.

Furnished apartments buenos aires

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Buenos aires apartment rental faq
Buenos Aires Apartment Rental FAQ By David Burg Relocating to another country is never easy. It involves countless hours of research, phone time, and seemingly endless amounts of paperwork. Despite the hassles, thousands of expatriates make the decision make the move to Buenos Aires, Argentina every year. It might be the "buzz" of the city, the cost of living, or perhaps the beautiful people and culture, yet most agree: It's worth it. Whether you can afford a luxurious Buenos Aires apartment, or you're seeking something more economical - the city seems to offer something for everybody. There are many things to keep in mind though as you begin to navigate the exciting process of moving abroad. This article will address several common questions - and hopefully make the move easier.Do I need a visa to rent an apartment in Buenos Aires? No. Although some expatriates do have long-term visas, many foreigners live in BsAs without one. The requirements are different for each country, but if you're from the UK, EU, United States or Australia/New Zealand, you'll automatically be granted a 90-day visa upon entry. This can be extended to 6 months by visiting the immigration office. If you want to stay longer, you can travel to nearby Uruguay (a two hour boat ride), and re-enter Argentina with a new visa.Do I need a co-signer or credit to rent an apartment? Most foreigners do not rent apartments in the same way the Argentine citizens would. The easiest way to rent Buenos Aires apartments is through an apartment agency that works specifically with foreigners. They can usually offer a variety of furnished and temporary apartments without any co-signer or additional paperwork requirements. If you choose not to work through this kind of agency, you'll need a garantia. Basically, this is an Argentine citizen presently living (preferably owning property) in Buenos Aires who will vouch for you.What ID do I need in Argentina? Most foreigners find that a copy of their passport and perhaps a Driver License suffice for using credit cards, and renting in BA. Most businesses are used to dealing with foreigners. If you want to open a bank account or sign contracts though, you'll need a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad) and/or a CUIT (similar to a tax ID number). Both these require a lot of work to get, including a new visa status.Where are the best areas to live in Buenos Aires? You can find many luxury apartments all over the city, and every neighborhood has its own charm and character. Many foreigners choose to live in the popular neighborhoods of Palermo, Belgrano, or Recoleta - but you'll find expats in wonderful places all over the city. Furnished apartments in Buenos Aires can usually be found easiest in the aforementioned neighborhoods, though.Who can I contact to begin arranging my move to Argentina? There are many agencies that can help with arranging accommodation, but a select few have developed a well-deserved reputation for working with English-speaking clientele, and only working with dedicated apartment owners. Working with a reputable firm will make your move easier, and save you money in the long run.By David Burg, MySpaceBA.comEspecially if you're interested in renting luxury apartments in Buenos Aires, it's important to work with an agency that has contacts with the best buildings in the city. With the right agent, you can secure beautiful units your preferred neighborhood, including some apartments with pools in Buenos Aires. MySpaceBA has experience working with expatriates of all nationalities, and can provide a wide range of support to those relocating to Buenos Aires.

About John And Clara Boyle

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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Mr. and Mrs. John and Clara Boyle. We met in Buenos Aires but married and lived in the Republic of Ireland where we ran a Bed & Breakfast in Ballina County Mayo, a lovely small tourist city on the Atlantic West coast. Using the experiance we had gained working in tourism in Ireland, we made the decision that we should go and live in my beautiful Argentina and continue to do the same there.
In december of 2003 we moved to Buenos Aires from Ireland and we started our business named My Space BA. In this case we offer to the tourists, bussiness people and students temporary accommodations in furnished apartments in the principle areas right in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires. We have inspected every one of the apartments. They all meet the conditions and requirements to make your stay a pleasant one. So if you are looking for a studio or apartment just to rest your head, or a luxury downtown pad, we are the people you want to have a word with.We love what we are doing and are both totally committed to our business.
We speak English and Spanish fluently and we are waiting to help you make the most of your visit to the great city of Buenos Aires.Kind Regards,Clara Boyle
  • MY SPACE BA: Clara and John Boyle
  • Phone: (54-11) 4793-3496
  • Cel: (54-9-11) 3261-8904
  • E-mail: [email protected]
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