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Monday, September 26, 2011

Should English football be on public TV free of charge as in Argentina

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   At what point in time did our political leaders assume the right to hand our national game to Rupert Mudoch BSKYB and News Corp.   As we now know Murdoch has had them trembling in fear for decades and it is only now with the fall out from the Milly Dowler phone hacking scandel that our spineless ones are finally saying enough is enough.
   Well if we are going to go for Murdochs throat why not do so The Argentine way.  Let me take you back to 2007. Cristina Kirchner had just won the election to become president of Argentina, The world was enjoying a boom in commodity prices and Argentine farmers were reaping huge rewards.
   So Cristina hiked the taxes paid by the farmers on their exports and the showdown began, from early 2008 for four months the farmers blocked all the motorways of Argentina and supported by the right wing press they almost suceeded in bringing down the demorcratic elected government of Argentina.
   In the end the Government battered and bruised had to roll back the taxs hikes and looked like a lame duck in front of the crowing farmers and the press.
   The clarin group is Argentinas Rupert Murdoch. They own 70% of the media and cable TV of Argentina and had the same deal as bskyb regarding the football. But they had just infuriated the government and revenge was on its way. In one swoop the goverment anounced that football was the birth right of every Argentine and cancelled Clarins Groups contract overnight and put football on public tv free of charge every match.
  At first there was a dip in the number of people going to the matches as they were now on TV but that was followed by a surge in support for the smaller clubs such as Tigre who are based in the north of Buenos Aires. People have been able to reconect with their local football team,first by watching them on TV and now by attending the matches.
    Well the English football team would benefit for a start. If your really honest you will admit that the last time England had a decent team in a world cup was in Italy 1990 and in 1986 before that. The premiership began in 92 and a tidal wave of foreign players swept into all the top flight clubs. The result was that the English players were squeezed out and combined with the fact that most English managers only pick players from 4 or five clubs meant they were now fishing for talent in a very small pond. Do you remember  the world cup USA 94 England did not even quailify and have been woeful ever since.
   Imagine if players were to only earn £10,000 a week instead of the £1million a month that some of them command. Would the players quit the game?.Would they go into medecine and invent a cure for cancer? Of course not! most are barely literate and just happen to be good at football. 10 grand a week would still amount to 5 million quid over a ten year period, so abit of sanity would be good for the game.
 How much does a pub have to pay to have sky sports? Yes its thousnds of pounds per year and if they do have it they have to charge it on the beer. If they don,t have it they lose customers and face closure. (3 pubs a week are closing in the UK)
  If the wages were sane the ticket prices could drop and fathers would again be able to attend matches with their kids. Does British society need that???? To watch Tigre in Buenos Aires is £8 pounds for adults and £3 pounds for children. And it is very much a family club with scores of kids running everywhere.
    People talk of broken Britain well why not start fixing it by first showing that odious Aussie the door and secondly by taking the peoples game and giving it back to the people.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buenos Aires Marathon 2011

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                                                        The Buenos Aires Marathon 2011 oct 9th By John Boyle

     Just two weeks to go until the biggest single challenge of my life.  42km of road running through the streets of Buenos Aires. The training is almost done, it involves running about 60km per week.
Since setting my target at the end of Feb which was originaly to lose 11kilos,i have since run in many 10k races and done the half Marathon in Rio De Janiero 1hr 51mins and Buenos Aires 1hr 45mins and lost 8 of those kilos along the way. I have also brought a swanky watch that tells me how fast i am running how far and how many calories i am burning. A great toy that i would reccommend for any runner. Results to follow wish me luck
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