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Monday, July 11, 2016

A tale of two heroes Maradona and Gaza.

2:34 PM Unknown
It won't be long now. One day soon we will wake up to the news that the wayward footballer Paul Gascoinge has died. His body will have finally given up the ghost and his sad pathetic fight against alcoholism will be over. People will say how sad it was and that there was nothing that could have been done to help him. But is that really true?.
  I have lived the last 12 years in Buenos Aires and in those years another wayward star has almost managed to drink himself to death on two occasions. You may have heard of him Diego Maradona.
On both occasions he was so close to deaths door that the state stepped in. They sectioned him and shipped him to rehab in Cuba under the watchful eye of Fidel Castro.
   Although he fell off the wagon the first time the second time was a success and he has gone on to manage the national team aswell as a string of coaching contacts in the Middle East.
   Is Gazas life so worthless that no one will step up. He was hailed to the heavens when he was scoring wonder goals. And now people and the state and his old drinking buddy's Chris Evans and Danny Baker just look the other way.
This is not just a tale of two wayward footballers but also of two different cultures and how they deal with certain issues. Sadly for Paul he is past his sell by date and of no political value so he faces a sad lonely death.

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