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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


2:09 PM Unknown
Tomorrow is census day in Argentina which means it is a bank holiday. Albeit a bank holiday where everything will be closed. Hence i reccommend a trip to the supermarket today.
Under Argentine law all households are obliged to have at least one person in the house allday to answer the questions for the census.
If you are there when they call you will need to answer all of their questions as best you can. Even through a closed door if you feel the need.
The questions are along the lines of
Country of origin
Do you have a plasma tv.
Do you own or rent your abode.
Are you a native Indian ect ect ect.
The person is unlikely to speak English so it should be a great chance to test your Spanish.
Usful answers Soy Turista no entiendo =i am a tourist i don't understand.
Kind Regards
John and Clara Boyle

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